Comic Relief

Caroline created and facilitates a standup comedy workshop for leadership development and teaches comedy classes with the Armed Service Arts Partnership (ASAP).

Standup Comedy for Leadership Development Workshop

Laughter and introspection take center stage as we embark on a journey to explore identity, shift mindsets, and unleash our authentic leadership strength through the power of standup comedy. Humor has the remarkable ability to bridge gaps, improve our health, and transform perspectives. In this interactive workshop, we explore the art of standup comedy through discussion, brainstorming about what's funny in our lives, and learning the structure of a standup comedy joke. Together, we discover how humor can elevate our outlook, support our humility, and rewire our brains for a more optimistic and resilient approach to leadership.

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The Armed Service Arts Partnership 

We host long term "bootcamp" classes as well as introductory "crash courses" in San Diego, DC, Virginia Beach, and Indianapolis.

ASAP’s Comedy Crash Course is the first-ever virtual stand-up comedy class made exclusively for veterans and military family members. 

For three hours, hilarious expert instructors will teach you to find the funny in this new normal. Inspired by Comedy Bootcamp, this course will guide you through the basics of structuring jokes and stand-up comedy techniques, drawing inspiration from your everyday life! 

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